Friday, June 17, 2011

Learn How To Mod WWF No Mercy Yourself

No Mercy , No Mercy and More No Mercy.....You can find lots of WWF No Mercy mods here and there [Just Check Out This Blog] but if you are only a WWF No Mercy Gamer you will be wondering how people Mod It.Well, it is ,i won't say easy but a bit complicated.Alright , I am gonna Tell You How You Can Mod the everlasting Game of WWF No Mercy.

The Basics :
Step 1 : Download and Install Project 64 Emulator From Here.Install it on "C:/Program Files" So it will be 
            easy for you.
Step 2 : Download WWF No Mercy ROM From Here.
Step 3 : You will be able to play the Good Old Game of WWF No Mercy With Old Wrestlers.But in case  
             you are here for modding , lets just test whether the ROM is working or not.
             Open Project 64 -> Click on "File" -> "Open ROM" -> Locate WWF No Mercy ROM , Double 
             Click It.
Step 4 : Download Rice's Video Plugin From Here.If You Can't open the .Zip or .RAR File , Download 
             WinRAR From Here.
Step 5 : Once you've extracted the file,you will need to move the files in to correct places.
             Move "BMGlib.dll" and "msvcr70.dll" to "C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6" folder.
             Move "RiceVideo.dll" and "RiceVideo6.1.0.ini" to "C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6\Plugin" folder.
Step 6 : Click Options -> Uncheck "Hide advanced settings".
Step 7 : Go To "C:\Program Files\Project64 1.6\Plugin" folder.Then Create a New Folder Named
             "hires_texture" (NO QUOTES).Again , when you've created a folder "hires_texture" , Create a New
              Folder Named "WWF No Mercy" (Again,NO QUOTES)inside "hires_texture".
Step 8 : (NOTE: You must install Rice Video Plugin Before this step) Go to "Options ->  Settings ->
             Configure Graphics Plugin -> Change the Video (graphics) plugin from Jabo's Video Plugin to
             Rice's Video Plugin 6.1.1 beta 10".
Step 9 : One More BIG Thing , AND THIS IS DAMN IMPORTANT!!.Go To
             Settings -> Configure Graphics Plugin -> Texture Filters Tab -> Check "Load hi-res textures if
             available".Don't Screw this up ; if you did , all you'll get is some ghosts fighting.

Step 10 : OK , Time For Some "Advanced" Stuff.Use any wrestler you want (I am Using Rob Van Dam by
              Tony : Download it  Here.)

Step 11 : After your character's file is extracted, open the folder to see if the files are all there. If you open the
               folder and you see another folder, you don't want that. If you have that problem, open the second
               folder (the folder inside the folder) and copy all of the files and paste them in the first folder and
              delete the second folder once they're moved. But, DO NOT delete any picture files or folders that
              say "Attire". You need to make sure that the folder that you are deleting is empty! Once your files
              are in the correct place, you're ready to move them into your game folder.
Step 12 : Copy the Folder of your character to "C:\Program Files\Project 64 1.6\Plugins\hires_texture\
               WWF No Mercy".Paste it there.
Step 13 : Open your character's folder , and look for "WWF No Mercy.mpk".Copy the File To
               "C:\Program Files\Project 64 1.6\Save".Paste it There.Click "Yes" if they ask you for overwriting it.
                Remember , close Project64 if it is open before moving WWF No Mercy.mpk
Step 14 : Open Project64 -> File -> Open ROM -> Locate WWF No Mercy ROM.If you have done
               everything correctly,you should see a Black screen with White Text for some seconds.(The Length
               of the Black Screen depends on how many wrestlers you have)
Step 15 : Once the black screen is done , the game will load.From the Main Menu , Go to
               Commissioner -> Smackdown Mall -> Data
Step 16 : Inside Data , You will see two tables titled "Game Pak" and "Controller Pak".You will see some
               spaces like "RVD" (OR your Superstar Name) below "Controller Pak".
Step 17 : At the bottom of the screen , Select "Clone" option and Clone Your Superstar under any space on
              "Controller Pak".
Step 18 : After Your Superstar is Cloned , You can select him as a Playable Character.Get Out of
              Smackdown Mall , and Test Your Superstar via an Exhibition Match.Your Superstar Should be in
              the "Edit 1" or "Edit 2" section.
Step 19 : In order For the Perfect Execution of the MOD,you should follow the formula correctly to have
               Your Superstar Playable at Their Very Best.So, Follow The Formula,a .txt File Along With the
               Created Superstar,something like this :

               Follow The Formulas Correctly So That Your Superstar Displays in the Correct Way.
Step 20 : Remember, you MUST follow the formula EXACTLY or it will not come out correctly at all! Enter
               the basic information such as the name, weight, height, picture,music and titantron of your Superstar.

YOU'RE DONE! If you have entered all the Formulas in the Correct Form , Your Superstar Should Be Completed! If You have any Problem , Just Check Whether You Have Entered The Formulas Correctly.


  1. I downloaded the Rice Video plugin and the files BMGlib.dll and msvcr70.dll were not included in the download after extracting. I even downloaded the second version and yet they still werent included. Did I do something wrong?

  2. BMGlib.dll ->
    msvcr70.dll ->

    You're Welcome !

  3. i could not find mpk file in my brock lesnar character folder what to do ?? please help

  4. I want to add some more players or replace players to do please help.. I could not find the mpk file from roaster folder to copy it in Save folder

    1. You can download it from here -->

      You're Welcome !

  5. wondering.... how do the mods use 128x256 images??? im making my own and there coming up 32x64 and when i change to 128x256 i get nothing on my mod...

    1. Please someone help us? I wanna know this aswell. I can't find anything on this subject... Any links would help aswell

  6. Great tutorial! I was able to change textures easily. Now I'm trying to change the titantron videos and applying the same steps but it's not working. Is there anything that I should do to make these changes to the titantron or is it a completely different process?

  7. I have Rey Mysterio.. but i can't cloned it

  8. are their any already made into roms i can downloadim looking for an invasion hacked rom with wcw ecw wwf and tna wrestlers in it

  9. I can´t download the BMGlib.dll because it says page not found. Please I need someone´s help.

  10. I have sting textures but no mpk for it

  11. Can you tell me how i can run wwf no mercy 2k14 mod in my android device

  12. Man I still can't get this to work. I want to play the ECW pack so bad.

  13. hey! I used formula aswell but it shows corruption in wrestlers

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